Mittwoch, 18. September 2013

WORTH DYING? (Game 20)

Game 20 - Win (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 17-3)
Current League : Silver III (1/0 in Promotion)
Played Champion:  Jax (Top)


In general it's always worth to die as long as you get more exp and gold out of your death than your enemies. But this isn't always the case. Giving a kill to a ADC or Mid is a lot worse than giving it to a support anyway. Just like "wasting their Farmtime", getting a Nash or Dragonkill, getting a Rax. There is alot of things to factor in this.

I'm giving you a quick example on this game:

I was playing Jax toplane. I splitpushed all the time. Always when i was about to get a tower, i was being ganked by 3-4 Champs. I warded the jungle obviously, so i knew it. After getting as many Creeps as i could and as much Dmg to the tower as i could, i died to the tower right before they came. This gave me and my Team these advantages:

1. Enemies wasted time for nothing, giving them a lot less gold from farming as they could've gotten.
2. This goes for exp aswell.
3. My Teammates could've grabbed a Dragon or pushed another Tower meanwhile, giving them an Advantage in their Lanes / Gold / Exp.

That was worth dying. If these guys were only 2 and could've counterpushed my lane, it wouldn't have been worth. If they had gotten the kill on me and a few assists + xp, it would probably be about even which is usually worse for you as you're dead now.

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