Samstag, 14. September 2013

What to do if you get trolled (Game 12)

Game 12 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 11-1)
Current League : Silver III (24p)
Played Champion:  Katarina (Mid)

What to do if you get trolled:

This game i had 2 Junglers. Blitz and Zac. This is very bad, leaving our MF solo bot.

Blitzcrank was the one trolling, cause he INTENDED TO PLAY BLITZ JUNGLE SO MUCH after Zac had firstpicked Jungler, that he just went duo jungling. Anyway after the game began they realy duojungled, leaving our MF vulnerable without farm bot. So i talked to Zac, he was interested in winning the game atleast a little bit, telling him to go bot to support MF. By doing the Junglers Job, ganking the Sidelanes and our Top and Midlane(me) winning their Lanes we managed to get Lead which we could hold by me doing the Asshole Strat with Katarina.

To sum it up: Don't try to speak to the troll, ignore him and try to win anyway. Talk to your other Teammates as they will be as annoyed as you are. Try to do the Job the troll had aswell as your own job.

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