Montag, 23. September 2013

Shaco (Game 41)

Game 41 - Win (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 32-9)
Current League : Silver I (Promotion 1/0)
Played Champion: Shaco (Jungle)


Now this is just a small little strat probably 50% of the Shaco players do.
You put 4 Puppets at Blue. First one at 0:57. After almost instagibbing blue, Q over Dragon/Nash pit and put some Puppets at their Red and grab the half hp enemy kill. After that just clear their Red, gank their Top, port back and clear your own red.

What you did now:

Got 2 Kills (Jungler, TOP)
Have a renewed Red Buff, without the Enemy having a possibility to get one.
Cleared a jungle.
Have Boots/Claws now after going bot.
Level 4-5.

This is amazing this early into the Game, giving you hell lots of possibilities to gank now. 
Top will be easy to gank as it already died (or forced to go heal).
Bottom may be hard, just counter it yourself if necessary. 
Midlane may be hard aswell, try to search the enemy jungler.

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