Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Little inside on Veigar (Game 19)

Game 19 - Win (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 16-3)
Current League : Silver III (Qualified for Series)
Played Champion:  Veigar (Mid)

Veigar is one of my favorite Champs, so i'm gonna give you a little inside on that guy.

I'm playing pure AP/Level Runes and try to stack my AP as high as i can going a freaking hard glass cannon build. I lasthit EVERYTHING with my Q, big creeps are really important. You are even allowed 2 steal kills with Veigar, +5 AP is really alot. At the Endgame you shouldve +300 AP by your passive, which will with decent farm almost always allow you to instagib someone. Fight when Flash is up, blink in and r + q someone. After that try to e 2 people at the edge so they get stunned and w someone. Now use your Zhonyas, after that q someone again. 

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