Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

The Asshole Strat (Game 9)

Game 9 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 8-1)
Current League : Silver V (Qualified for Series)
Played Champion:  Zac ( Jungle )

Game Stats: 

The Asshole Strat:

It's basically something i played in a lot of my competitive HoN Games. You basically play like an asshole. 

It's all about Teamfights. I played a Tanky-DPS Style Zac. Nothing unusual, i go in first cause i have hp as fuck right? Wrong. I come in at last, when everyone is clustered and has his Spells used.

This is good for several Reasons.

1) Everyone has calculated that he will live because no one is expecting anymore DMG Output. You can now roflstomp them.
2) A lot of red hped bastards are now just waiting for you to instagib them. 
3) You will turn the whole fight around and your team loves you.

Ofcourse you have to make sure your whole team doesn't get comboed that easily and dies before you do anything. In this game though they had Nasus (without THAT much dmg goign Tanky) Volibear (Tankybuild) Lulu (Support). 3 Heroes which don't deal massive amounts of damage, so i could do my asshole strat. If they have 3+ Damagedealing Heroes this won't work.

This is pretty standard on a few Heroes like Kata, where you wait till they have their Disables out, but coming from unusual Heroes like Zac this is a pretty surprising Strat IN LOWLEVEL Play.

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