Dienstag, 17. September 2013

Juking (Game 18)

Game 18 - Win (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 15-3)
Current League : Silver III (91)
Played Champion:  Kassadin (Mid)


Well how should i start.. It's really hard to explain. Basically you're trying to trick your enemies, having the goal to score a kill on them or escape from them. Now this can be running around, into the bushes, out of the bushes, just using everything you got. This is very Hero specific. Can't really tell too much about this in general, you will get a taste of it if you play for a long time.

Juking with Kassadin:

This is basically only surprising your Enemies with 2 Blinks, stacking Porting Dmg, a Silence, Slow and huge Attack Dmg. This gives you a huge Toolset to use from. Many scenarios possible. Just think of someone porting around, stacking his R damage and then porting onto another, even higher farmed Hero. He felt safe, being farmed way more than you are, but you're going to kill him in the Silence, Slow, Attack Time with your 2nd port. Like i said, many scenarios possible. 

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