Dienstag, 3. September 2013

Positioning! (Game 5)

Take one for the Team! (Game 4)

Game 5 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 5-0)
Current League : Silver V (28LP)
Played Champion: Fiddlesticks (Jungle)

Game Stats: 

This is a thing you learn over YEARS of gaming but there are a few tips which may make it easier for you to learn. 
Obviously you should try to position yourself to get the highest damage output. But this would be in the middle of everyone. So you have to think about how much damage you can take and position yourself like that. I will do Fiddlesticks as example.

I'm playing him like a really high damage glas cannon. I can take no damage at all, but i dish out so much i can teamfight alone if i didn't have that HP Problem. So i have to position myself very far from everyone, wait till the Fight is going 4-5 seconds and then i port myself in with Ult and Flash turning the Fight completely. This is absolutely no Problem in LOWLEVEL Play, harder on MIDLEVEL Play and possible on HIGHLEVEL Play.

For Tankheroes and/or Heroes with HIGH Hp and Survivability you can go in First, and run out at Half or 1/3 Hp. This will make them want to get the kill on your thus losing their position and getting vulnerable. Also try to protect your teammates so sneaky Heroes won't catch your glas cannons.

To sum it up:

Tank as much DMG as you need, even as low hp hero, while dishing out as much Damage and supporting your Mates as much as you can. SPLIT THE DAMAGE.

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