Dienstag, 24. September 2013

Finally.. + Fun-Fact (Game 56)

Game 56 - Win (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 40-16
Current League : Gold V (Promotion Series Won)
Played Champion: Veigar (Mid)

Finally i made it to Gold V.. was really stressful. 


This game i played Veigar. In the beginning i had trouble lasthitting the Creeps, when i looked at my AP and saw 0. I actually had the Pantheon Masteries (AD) and AD Runes from the game before still active, scoring a total of 161 AD at the end of the game. I was bursting like hell still, with Runes and Masteries i would've had 1300 AP at the end of the game, without i had about 900.

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