Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

What to do if you had a bad start(Game 25)

Game 25 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 21-4)
Current League : Silver II (76p)
Played Champion:  Panth (Jungle)

What to do if you have a bad start:

Well i had a bug that my Game never exited Lobby and started the game. So when i   reconnected i had a 5 Level gold disadvantage. 

Basically, first of all you ask for a little help. Then you give as much back as you can.

I asked for a lil help on the Buffs, for a fast Level 4 doing the Golems and Wolves alone. After that i bought Boots and a lot of  Counterwards so the enemies were blind. Now middle was trying to gank sidelanes which had no vision, which worked out well. This made me get some exp for Level 6. Now here i can take some easy ganks and get back into the game.

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