Freitag, 23. August 2013

How 2 Zone (Game 1)

Game 1 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 1-0)
Current League : Bronze (Qualified for Series)
Played Champion: Pantheon

Game Stats: 

How 2 Zone and win your Lane extremely easy:

What is Zoning?

If you hold an enemy away from exp range or away from getting any cs with your Abilities, you're zoning him out.

How to do it with Pantheon:

It's extremely easy to zone AP-Heroes with Pantheon with your Q-Skill cause it is sitting on a very low Cooldown with relatively high Base Dmg. Try to Q him if he's in Range, otherwise stay on his Side of the Creeps without getting hit by the Creeps. If you hit him with Q, backup till it's up again. If your passive is up, you can even Q him in Tower Range. Don't let him Burst back, ever. If he's in the middle of the lane and you trade your Burst, try to sneak in a Kill if he's at 70% HP.

Q him. Autoattack. W him. Ignite. E him. Q him. That should do the job. It's extremely easy to win and carry a lowlevel Game like this.

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