Samstag, 24. August 2013

Motivate your Team! (Game 3)

Game 3 - WIN (Overall Stats since Blog-Start: 3-0)
Current League : Bronze I (Promotion 2-0)
Played Champion: Jax (Jungle)

Game Stats: 

Motivate your Team:

In this game my Team had huge moral problems. They had roles they didn't want as the ADC picked the ADC role even though someone else called it and stuff like that. Also the Malzahar pick commented as "i'm imba with him" turned out to be a terrible decision. Not only did he fail the midlane, he also made the other teammates want to surrender at 20 while i had 8/0 at that point. 

What did i do?

I told each and everyone of them to shut up. I told them to play the roles they got, how they have to play their roles at that point in the game (a fed enemy team is kinda hard, even though you're 8/0. Overall Score was like 12/11 in favor of them anyway) and that they should make the best out of it. I shat on my CS and tried to save them from any ganks, counterwarded and warded by myself so the support could keep up a little bit and ganked myself. I took over Cho'Gaths Tank-Role in Teamfights because he failed his Toplane against VI and made the game for my team. 

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